Test faster, fix more

We provide a range of contracting services in the areas of both development and training to help you make the most out of Hypothesis. There are possibilities for both remote work and on-site engagements.

For remote engagements, we can accommodate distributed teams by offering training sessions over video conferencing solutions. We can also provide a second set of eyes for pair and team programming efforts, or participate in selective code reviews to ensure you and your team are using Hypothesis optimally.

Ports to new languages

Hypothesis is designed to be easy to port to new languages, but we will rarely start on new ports unless someone pays for the development. So if there’s a language you want to use Hypothesis in and you currently can’t, hire us to fix that!

As well as making Hypothesis available in a new language, we usually learn new things about the design space when doing this which tends to produce improvements that get rolled back into other languages and makes the next port that much easier.

We currently have a prototype Java port and are actively considering a port to C (which would in turn simplify the port to many other languages), but most languages should be feasible so if you’d like a port to a different one, just ask us.

This one comes with the added bonus that it will make you very popular! We get a lot of questions about Hypothesis ports from people who can’t fund them, and anyone who funds the development of a version of Hypothesis will get mentioned prominently in the README and documentation.

Performance tweaks

Hypothesis performance is currently pretty good, and for most use cases the bottleneck will be your test code rather than Hypothesis. There are, however, pathological cases where it tends to slow down. This is particularly true if you are generating very complex data.

If you find yourself in this situation, we can help! We’ll first try to help you analyze exactly why your tests are slow and see if we can help you modify them to be faster. If the problem does turn out to be something we should fix on the Hypothesis end, we can do that too.

If you’re really pushing Hypothesis performance hard you may wish to consider hiring us to complete the C port and then rebuild the version for Python (or your language of choice) on top of it.

Feature requests

As well as performance improvements, we’re available for hire for any other specific development on Hypothesis.

There are a large number of directions that Hypothesis can go in and only so much time in the day. If there’s a particular feature you need us to bump something up our priority list, you can hire us to implement it.

Custom testing projects

Although we think anyone can use Hypothesis (even without the benefit of our training), sometimes you really just want an expert to do the work, either to help you get started or to give you confidence in the results. If you have a particular piece of software that you really need to be well tested, you can hire us to do that for you.

Support contracts

We can provide support contracts guaranteeing priority to your bug reports and answering your questions when you get stuck. Availability of these is somewhat limited due to capacity constraints, but we are still able to take on new customers.

Get in touch!

If any of the above sound just like what you need, or if there’s another Hypothesis related project that doesn’t quite fit, drop us a line at [email protected] and lets talk details!