Test faster, fix more

I would like to see more posters on the hypothesis.works blog. I’m particularly interested in experience reports from people who use Hypothesis in the wild. Could that be you?

Details of how to guest post on here:

  1. This site is a Jekyll site on GitHub. To add a post, create a markdown file in the _posts directory with the appropriate structure and send a pull request.
  2. You will want to add an entry for yourself to the authors data file
  3. You of course retain all copyright to your work. All you’re granting is the right to publish it on this site.

I’d particularly like to hear from:

  • People who work in QA
  • People using the Django support
  • People using Hypothesis for heavily numerical work
  • People whose first experience of property based testing was via Hypothesis
  • People who would like to write about another property based testing system ( and ideally to compare it to Hypothesis)

But I’d also like to hear from anyone else who would like to write something about Hypothesis, or property based testing in general: Whether it’s an experience report, a cool trick you figured out, an introductory article to Hypothesis, etc.